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Whether you are an entrepreneur who feels that you’re being strong armed by a large corporate competitor, or whether you are a small construction company trying to ensure that you have proper insurance coverage for your subcontractors, The Mills Law Firm, LLP, can provide extensive business and commercial law services.

Distinctions between Commercial and Business Law

Commercial law deals with sales contracts, service contracts, insurance issues, contract negotiation and litigation, and other similar transactions.

Business law more specifically focuses on creating, managing and dissolving entities, such as partnerships, LLCs, and corporations.

The Mills Law Firm, LLP has over five decades of collective experience representing businesses and other commercial entities. Some of the services that we can provide include:

  • Litigation services to enforce contractual agreements;
  • Enforcing employment agreements;
  • Preparing disclaimer provisions;
  • Resolving corporate or partnership disputes;
  • Dissolving a business entity or partnership;
  • Reviewing or negotiating sophisticated contracts (e.g. joint venture agreements); and
  • Drafting commercial contracts and agreements for individuals and institutional clients.

Comprehensive Business and Commercial Law Services Provide Peace of Mind

Running a business means constantly walking that fine line between taking on risk and securing the profits of your labor and creative process. We can address concerns that can divert your attention, cost you customers, and keep you up at night.

The Mills Law Firm, LLP has the financial resources, agility and finesse to meet your company’s commercial and business law needs. Our attorneys have significant experience at the trial and appellate court levels in both New York State and Federal courts and we can provide sound legal advice that can give you the peace of mind you need to grow, stay competitive, and fend off the inevitable “slings and arrows” that all businesses face when they engage in their creative work.

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