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A jury verdict or judge’s decision may not mark the end of a legal dispute. If either the plaintiff or defendant in a civil case is dissatisfied with the decision, the case may often be appealed to a higher court. Depending on the nature and complexity of the case, this process can stretch on for months or even years and can traverse through multiple courts.

Without experienced appellate attorneys, your meritorious case or defense may be lost forever.  The appellate process is often confusing to non-experienced litigation attorneys, and yet effective appellate representation is critical to your success.  Our professional, experienced appellate team is known for thoughtful written and oral argument, meticulous preparation, and practical client guidance.

Multiple Steps of the Appellate Process

Examining and observing errors. Perhaps the judge in your case misinterpreted or misapplied the law. Or perhaps evidence was inappropriately admitted and considered by the jury. Your attorneys should be able to identify the errors to challenge the lower court’s ruling or the jury’s verdict.

Honing the appeal. Your lawyers should systematically review the case, analyze potentially applicable laws, anticipate any factual or legal counter-arguments the other side might make, and submit records and other key documents that are relevant to the critical issues on appeal.

Appellate brief. Perhaps the most important part of any appeal, this document should provide a clear, concise, persuasive, and comprehensive argument in favor of your position.

Arguing the appeal in court. Appeals, like trials, may often be won in the courtroom.  Effective appellate representation includes the presentation of effective oral arguments that synthesize your position and build a compelling, persuasive case.

Planning and Executing a Successful Appeal

It’s heartbreaking and scary to wind up on the wrong side of a legal decision.  Often lawyers and clients see such a decision as the end of the road.  That is not always the case.  Whether a trial judge has issued a decision that requires your company to pay money, or whether you need an injunction of a court order, the experience of the attorneys at The Mills Law Firm, LLP can identify a strategic way to appeal the lower court’s decision.

The appeals process can take longer than you might hope, and it can involve significant ups and downs — particularly if your case is complex or gets appealed more than once. Fortunately, you can trust the appellate attorneys at The Mills Law Firm, LLP, to orchestrate and execute a sound, practical, and efficient appeals strategy.

The attorneys at The Mills Law Firm, LLP have five decades of collective experience handling all aspects of appeals for civil litigants.  Attorney Christopher Mills spent two years as an Appellate Court Attorney for the Appellate Division, Third Department, and has briefed and argued numerous cases before the Appellate Division of Supreme Court, New York State Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  The attorneys at The Mills Law Firm, LLP have developed a strong reputation for their appellate advocacy, and their experience may be able to assist you in reaching your goals despite an unsuccessful result at the trial level.

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